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3 Ecotechnics Unis Co2, Complete and all parts available to buy

Unis Co2, Complete and all parts available to buy

The original and best basic Co2 Dosing unit on the market. Ecotechnics first designed the Unis Co2 controller in 1994 Their aim was to manufacture a Carbon Dioxide controller that was user friendly, with no frills, cheap and reliable. They have updated and re-vamped the Unis controller to meet with the recent changes in British standards saftey requirements for Co2 regulators, in addition to...

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3 Ecotechnics Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller, Ecotechnics

Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller, Ecotechnics

The Evolution digital grow room fan controller utilises the highest specification technology.  The unit constantly monitors the temperature and humidity in the growing area, and constantly adjusts extractor fan speed in order to optimize conditions for plant growth. Features:  Dynamically adjusts fan speed with precise increments to control temperature accurately. Intelligently...


1 Ecotechnics Ecotechnics Evolution Co2 Analyser

Ecotechnics Evolution Co2 Analyser

The Evolution C02 sensor utilises non dispersive infra-red sensing technology for fast accurate CO2 monitoring. Combined with exquisite design and ground breaking low price, the sensor is highly accurate and less than half the price of similar products on the market. This makes the ultimate control system available to the average grower. TO BE USED WITH THE EVOLUTION CO2 CONTROLLER


4 Ecotechnics EVOLUTION Digital Carbon Dioxide Controller

EVOLUTION Digital Carbon Dioxide Controller

Carbon Dioxide is one of the most important factors in an indoor growroom or glass house. Photosynthesis is the term used to describe the process by which plants combine CO 2 molecules with water molecules to form complex sugars, there is a resultant spare oxygen atom which is released back into the air, the sugars being further processed by the plant to form natural polymers for growth. The...


1 Ecotechnics Evolution Co2 Full Kit, Ecotecnics

Evolution Co2 Full Kit, Ecotecnics

The Evolution CO2 Controller monitors CO2 Levels within the grow room and constantly adjusts the amount of CO2 to maintain ideal conditions for optimal plant growth. This unit is also compatible with the Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller The Evolution controller utilizes the latest microprocessor and infra-red technology to monitor & control the levels of carbon dioxide in...